September 21, 2009

Make me a broken, humble, and pliable vessel;
Mold me to exemplify Your tolerance and grace.

Teach me to learn the lessons of suffering;
While failing and falling, show me the meaning of trust.

Encourage me to encourage;
Incline my ear to hear.

Let me learn to pour out of the heart and not out of the mouth;
Teach me to persevere with my brothers.

Help me to seize the day, not to seize cities;
To lend a hand with your bountiful gifts.

Cause me to toil in your vineyards of love,
and to give away the sustenance You so freely have given.

– by Sharon



  1. Dennis and Sharon,
    I am so sad reading your blog. Please forgive me for any wrong doing. I just want you to know that I thank God for the two of you and your family. You have touched our family in such a beautiful way. Your teaching and discipling and love for the unreached has ministered to us. Because of you, my son delivered the word into China as well as myself prior. This changed our lives for the good and showed us that yes, we can make a difference and that we do count for something. God Loves each one of us and can use us. You continued reminding us of that. Thank you. I do miss seeing you so much. May God Bless you and Keep you and May his Face shine upon you and give you Shalom. I do love you and I’m so sorry for any wrongs that I may have caused. Your in my prayers.

  2. I agree with Bacon K.
    I love the both of you and Miss you !!
    Thank you for teaching us to do the Lords work,
    I would never haver gone to S.africa if it wasnt for you guys
    I hope we can continue……
    Love and Peace

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